The International Air Cargo Association

  • Barbara Carl

Rebranding for The International Air Cargo Association. The new logo includes a globe drawn using a 3D version of the kinetic lines in the original version, and the TIACA acronym, with the final A drawn as the wing of an airplane. The color scheme has been adapted from the original, introducing a stronger shade of blue. In order to transform it in a more international mark, the client asked to implement again the idea of globality, but in order not to privilege one side of the map over the other, we preferred to stilyse only the globe, also to mantain a minimal look. The name of the association wraps around this globe at an angulation of 23 degrees, like Earth’s axis. The new logo appears on TIACA’s redesigned websites, launched at and The sites have been designed to showcase TIACA initiatives, as well as offering a hub for members to connect and access information and updates from the Association.


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