The Intersection of Fashion & Sex visual study project

  • Lucy Brine

During this project, which spanned 3 months of my third year at university, I endeavoured to create a response to a topic of my choice; the intersection of fashion and sex. After having done my research and proposal, I began developing a response, which took the form of a photo study and accompanying blog specifically for an audience that felt underrepresented by lingerie advertisements.

Above is the cover page of my process document, which can be provided upon request.

The screenshots below are prototypes for a website called 'burn down the mansion' - a website targeted towards people who are unrepresented in lingerie advertising and the industry in general. The focus for me was to create a space where people felt comfortable embracing their sexuality and sharing their stories. This website would also function as a jump-off point for possible campaigns in the future in order to raise awareness of how the fashion industry, in particular the lingerie sector, oppresses and silences people.
I chose to screenprint images from a photoshoot conducted for this project, specifically onto fabrics associated with sex. Choosing a physical format with an array of textured materials opened up the possibility to showcase my work in a gallery space, thus drawing more attention to the issue I wanted to raise awareness of.
Below is a select few images from the photoshoot completed for this project. Once again, if you should like to see more of these, please do not hesitate to message me.
I have also included shoot moodboards and planning pages to show my vision in its entirety.