The Last Good Man with Thomas McMullan and Victoria Turk (Feb 4th)

Join us in our virtual room as Thomas McMullan talks to Victoria Turk, features editor at Wired, about the ideas, themes and characters in The Last Good Man, his taut, mud-spattered speculative debut about shame, violence and redemption. Think Shirley Jackson's The Lottery meets Cormac McCarthy's The Road for a hint of all you'll find within this highly provoking new novel. In his cousin's village, Duncan Peck finds a place with tea rooms and barley fields, a church and a schoolhouse. Out here, the people live an honest life – and if there's any trouble, they have a way to settle it. They sit in the shadow of a vast wall, inscribed with strange messages. Anyone can write on the wall, anonymously, about their neighbours, about any wrongdoing that might hurt the community. Then comes the reckoning. The Last Good Man is a troubling, uncanny book about fear and atonement, responsibility and justice, and the violence of writing in public spaces, The Last Good Man dares to ask: what hope can we place in words once extinction is in the air? Join us on Thursday, February 4th from 6pm - 7pm online. Book your place via Eventbrite: “This is a visceral and disquieting debut novel about the power of words, and should be read by anyone who uses the internet” – New Statesman “McMullan makes highly effective use of the rugged landscape, full of unease and portents, in his creepily unsettling debut, a timely tale about the dangers of toxic rhetoric and mob rule” – Daily Mail “A brilliantly unsettling parable about how we police our societies through violence, language and shame” –