The Little Picture

  • Toby Kearton

'After executing a deserter from his own division, a lone Nazi soldier must search for his morals when he encounters two allied deserters, who wish to find a safe path home'.

Jonas Grosserhode
Benjamin Schnau
Marcos Diaz
Brandon Koen
Jonas Olsen
Miro Popovich

Directed By - Toby Kearton
Written By - Toby Kearton & Harry Stainer
Produced By - Toby Kearton, João Paneguini, Alexandre Wilson & Florian Handler
Cinematography By - Gabriele Fabbro
Edited By - Vladislav Nikitin & Joshua Marchitelli
Composed By - Ramesh Kumar Kannan
Production Design - Jorchual Gregory Vargas

First Assistant Director - Alexandre Wilson & Faisal Elhaji
First Assistant Camera - Jade Yusi
Second Assistant Camera - Yuk Hong Law
Grip - Ryan Hai
Gaffer - Jaime Torres
Script Supervisor - Kári Liljendal
Colourist - Yuk Hong Law
Sound Editor - David Schweitzer
Costume Design - Diahann McCrary