The London DJ School

  • Asher Wiener
  • Moses Wiener

A short while after returning to London from the gritty student life of Nottingham, I was craving a meetup for people with the same love of music to practice DJing in a club setting. I used to help run the Trent Bass sessions and realised it wasn't being done in London. At that point, I was currently working at The Cause, helping populate the calendar with daytime and weekday revenue streams. This seemed like a great time to launch The London DJ School as it could be done on a weeknight, would pull in income for the venue and would give me a positive side project to get stuck into. We've now been running almost 2 years, every Monday at The Cause. I'm so glad this opportunity appeared as its given me the pleasure of meeting some fantastic up and coming DJ's, and allowed me to witness some brand new friendships evolving. As the sessions are formed in a group setting, those that aren't currently behind the decks get to socialise with other students. Some of my previous customers regularly go to gigs together and discuss the art of DJing. I can't wait to expand to other venues to teach DJing to people across the UK