The Lost Artist Merchandise

  • Amelia Molly Mae Potter (The Lost Artist©2017)
  • Loulou Elliott
  • Angelica Bacani

Illustrated Custom Skateboards and fashion screen printed by myself sold online, in exhibitions and art fairs. I started The Lost Artist artwork and merchandise in 2018. I am a passionate about the skate and surf culture and wanted to illustrate narratives of people that I have met in my time of being at University. I love illustrating portraits in my style exploring the 'power of line' in identity and culture. Despite most of my work over the past years being developed digitally, I have a huge passion for screen printing and want to incorporate an original and more sustainable way of printing my merchandise using the facilities at the university I became a assistance technician helping the maintenance of the studio as well as preparation before workshops with foundation and first year students as well as helping demonstrate work to them during workshops. (2019-2020)

Creative Enterprise Centre at the University of Westminster selected entreprenurs to curate a Pop Up shop located in Neal's Street, Covent Garden, London. 2nd - 8th December 2019.Over the 6 months preperation to successfully running the shop, we all had key roles in the development of the shop. My role was curation mangager of the shops layout. As well as being apart of the social media team.
This was a fantanistic opportunity not only to have the opportunity to sell my hand printed merchandise but to develop the and understand the role of an art directior making decisions on curation of the shop as well as being apart of the social manager team.
Creditation of artists for WUTOPIA project: - Royale London - Avas Canvas - Rescued by Nature - illoustraion - By.angelicaa - THE LOST ARTIST - Manimekalavf
Commissions for HOTBOX SKATESHOP: