• Ludovic BETREMIEUX

The Mandem safe is a project coming from the creative minds of Kim & Joe creative ltd. The 'Mandem safe LX' and ‘Mandem safe SC’ perfectly fit inside any hinged shoe-box with semi circle cut outs in the lid and these measurements written inside - * 330x225x115 * 330x225x116 Once you've got the right size slipping the Mandem Safe SC inside couldn't be simpler. Just slot it inside your Nike shoebox and you're all done. The product can be seen at On the LX version a magnetic Key card lock. The latch is released when passing the card in front of the safe. passing the card in front of the safe.Two gas struts open up the safe cover when the lock has been released. On the SC version one key controls two locks at either side of the cover. Both lock cams catch a sheetmetal return from the base via a cut out & secure the cover closed.