The Marketplace | Samsung

In BBH’s latest campaign for Samsung, directed by Matthijs Van Heijningen for MJZ, a woman goes window-shopping ahead of her latest gaming adventure. After browsing outdated wares at a sun-soaked bazaar she is led down into a murky underworld housed by weapons dealers and extraterrestrial bar patrons — and here, the slightest wrong move can cause trouble. We composed the score for this striking and imaginative visual work, amplifying the grand sense of scale and spectacle by dynamically transitioning between two distinct genres of otherworldly electronic music. Playful melodies full of whirrs and bleeps partner the brightly-lit opening sequence, before the protagonist is engulfed by sinister beats and pulsing sub-bass as she descends into the club-like depths. A crescendo then builds as the tension reaches breaking point — before a deafening refrain seals her fate.