The Nation of Post-Environment: Antarctico

  • Euan Reith

Major Project: 2020 Welcome to the Nation of Post-Environment. A future government that rose from the ashes of the ‘Environmental Revolution (2053-2060)', where environmentalists across the world rebelled against capitalism, only to be decimated and outlawed following the victory of the Neo-consumerists. The glorious nation that followed strikes a deal with the last remaining oil corporation in the world, Antarctico, to secure the nations economy and continued consumption of excess through the industrialisation of the last remaining environmental sanctuary, the Antarctic. Contained within a hardback government manifesto, this project aims to create a new perspective on environmentalism, by wholly refuting it. Presenting a future where the splendour and value of oil is promoted by the government and a lifestyle of beauty and excess is mandatory, this project explores themes such as the dangers of capitalism and neoliberalism, wealth inequality and the harnessing of beauty for persuasion. Full Antarctico Manifesto: Research Document: