The New Bond Girl, L'Officiel Ukraine

  • Sophia Katyea
  • MariaRosaria Scudieri

Published in L'Officiel Ukraine 2020 May Issue Set in the fairly unglamorous harbours of maritime life, we wanted a juxtaposition the styling; ranging from extravagant to girlish. All the while being served an unspoken determination, a look of persistence and an indestructible nature behind the eyes. We created a shoot that offers up a beautiful mix of carefree freedom and elegance - so it’s really wonderful to finally have this shoot published and released. You can view all the images on the L’Officiel website now. I don’t even know where to begin with this shoot! We shot this nearly a year ago out by the coast in Kent in collaboration with Titanium Models, and the absolute starlet Akbota. I pulled together 15 completely different outfits from some amazing designers, all packed into 2 suitcases and squeezed into a tiny car to drive out to the coast, all without an assistant. Photographer: Wojciech Foit @wojciechfoit Stylist: Sophia Katyea @sophiakatyea Hair and Makeup Artist: Chiharu Wakabayashi @chiha0313 Art Director: Michelangelo Chiacchio Photo Assistant: Maria Rosaria Scudieri @mariarosariascudieri Retoucher: Paul Drozdowski @paul_drozdowski_re Model: Akbota Abkenova @akbota.abkenova Modelling Agency: Titanium Management @titaniummanagement Published: L'Officiel Ukraine @lofficielukraine