The New York Times, Keeping Love Close

The New York Times asked what does love look like in a time of hate? Asian and Asian-American photographers respond. Photographs & Text by Heather Sten. "Throughout the pain that this past year and specifically the last few weeks have caused, I realize I still have retained so much joy and love in little pockets of my life. Lately, I’ve showed myself love in the form of flowers and sunlight; I like to bask in the warm light that comes through my window when it’s cold outside. I’m so deeply comforted by and connected to Vietnamese food and the inventive meals that my partner makes. My little seedlings have started coming in, marking the beginning of our fruit and vegetable garden. My dog and his side-eye bring me so much laughter and happiness that I sometimes can’t stand it. And the love that I receive on a daily basis from my partner and my friends is so nourishing and keeps me feeling like a whole person. This past year, my group chats have truly saved me." - Heather Sten

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