The Odd Couple Exhibition

  • Gokce Varli

"The Odd Couple" is a project by Ludovica Crespan. It consists of a series of encounters exploring the relationship between identity, sexuality and language. What is this relationship based on? Should it be read in terms of sexual identity or desire? What part does gender play in the discussion? And what is meant by sexuality after all? Labels, heteronormativity, pronouns, and performativity in language are among the concepts that will be addressed. We will discuss the role that both language and sexuality have in defining our sexual identity, with the aim of creating a safe space to share meanings that may change according to people’s experiences. The first meeting in the series took place on 4 March (12 - 1 PM) at the Goldsmiths CCA residents' space, as part of the activities organised in support of the strike. @goldsmithscca provided the space. A project by Ludovica Crespan (she/her) @ludovicacrespan Curated by Clara Rodorigo and Irene Thiella

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