The Organised Writer: How to stay on top of all your projects and never miss a deadline

The Organised Writer is a practical, no-nonsense system that allows you to write without worrying about administration, business affairs, or scheduling. This straight-talking guide will help you become more productive, cope with multiple projects, and make time within your life to write - while also dealing with non-writing tasks more efficiently. Antony Johnston is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author and creator of the hit Charlize Theron movie 'Atomic Blonde', which was based on his graphic novel. His work spans books, film, graphic novels, videogames, podcasts, music, and more, with titles translated throughout the world. He lives and works in England – and is highly organised. “I've been a working writer for thirty years. Johnston convinced me I've been doing it wrong.” – John Birmingham Save 30% off when you buy it from