The original brand for Frill, the NASDAQ listed frozen smoothie

Frill brings a refreshing new frozen dessert to your bowls. With 50% less sugar, 10x more fibre than ice cream, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan friendly – it’s a no brainer really. Frill is the perfect healthy alternative, packed with natural, mouth-watering goodness. To answer the rising demand of dairy-free products, Zendegii was carving a new category within the dessert sector, ‘non-dairy ice cream’. They needed a brand to fit the ambition, but more than packaging and design, they needed a whole new way of describing this unique product. Introducing the game-changing category term, ‘frozen smoothie’. We decided that this revolutionary dessert needed to be seen. So we designed transparent packaging to show off all the good bits of its natural goodness with an animal that’s surprisingly underused in ice-cream marketing, our very own polar bear. We created a smooth new logotype, and refined it with typographers Dalton Maag. Frill has had an astounding reception so far. Currently available in premium retailers such as Waitrose, Ocado and Whole Foods Market in the UK and Sweden, Frill has also started to fill the growing niche for healthy desserts in the US. In 2019, Frill went public on NASDAQ First North.

‘Frozen smoothie’ is a new category term – it sounds so familiar, you’d think it had always existed

A range of emotions reflect the different flavours – from relaxed Smooth Vanilla to playful Bursting Berries

Unlike other frozen desserts, Frill’s packaging is transparent, showing all the delicious natural bits

We refined the logo together with Dalton Maag, it's a nod to the swirly, creamy texture of Frill