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  • Darius Iromlou

My new Shortfilm is out now, would love for you to check it out!

Singer-songwriter Sora X is excited to release a short film for her newest single, “The Painter,” which will be the continuation of the story told in the song "Sunflower", a story inspired by the life and works of Vincent van Gogh.
“The Painter” looks at how a person’s emotional turmoil is deeply intertwined with their surroundings. It chronicles the struggle a relationship has, that at times could be one of mutual admiration but also one of mutual neglect. Similar to a twin, an inseparable part of the artist that serves as a constant reminder of internal processes.
Van Gogh's brushstrokes were said to capture his inner world and his internal dialogue of repressed emotion. This song further illuminates this journey, highlighting how art can be a cathartic outlet when facing difficult times.
The song has a beautiful and rich soundscape, instrumental input by Yan Marmara on electric guitar & keys and Gianni Narduzzi on a double bass with Sora X on Guitar, Kalimba and Vocals, woven together with an underlying synthesizer track.
Complete production by Sora X.
Drawing in elements of blues and Baroque pop, accompanied by the raw edge of classic rock, Sora’s piece brings a unique sound to the music scene that is both courageous and captivating mirroring the impressionistic painting style of Van Gogh.

Directed by Sora X
Paul Tonkin as The Painter
Sora X as the Sunflower
Director of photography Darius Irmolou
Camera Darius Irmolou
Screenplay & Script Sora X
Editor Darius Irmolou & Sora X
Composer Sora X

"The Painter" Singer- Songwritter & Production Sora X Electric guitar, Keys and Synth Yann Marmara Double Bass Gianni Narduzzi Outro Track "Sunflower" Singer- Songwritter, Guitar, Synth & Production Sora X Keys Pouya Abdi Background THESE ISLANDS

This project has been awarded of the Imagine Fund which is a participatory grant making scheme supported by the Barbican Centre and City of London Corporation.
Paul Tonkin as The Painter
Sora X as the Sunflower

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