The Pale Blue Dot

The Pale Blue Dot is my final university project. I wanted to portray an inspirational story and cover which inspire potential future scientists, engineers and innovators, while conveying the importance of the planet and our connection to nature. The story centres around a young girl who goes back to nature to find inspiration. 
The Pale Blue Dot was my response to my final University brief, where we were asked to manage a self-directed project based on our passions and specialist area for our careers. I chose this as I got into the industry originally for graphic novels and book illustrations and wanted to create write and publish my own book. This gave me an opportunity to showcase my skills in sequential and narrative illustration and test unique methods of visual storytelling in different panel designs such as the hybridisation of certain images so that they read in sequence and tell a story.
The other challenge was to create an eye-catching cover which would not be out of place at any high-street book or comic store and still capture the attention of viewers. For this I used imagery from two scenes in the comic and the overall metaphor to convey the message of “oneness” with nature and the universe, while being visually engaging. I used a limited but striking colour palette and careful composition to allow the viewers eye to follow the imagew hile leaving white space for the viewers’ eyes to rest. It also gave me the opportunity to work with magazine and book layouts using decorative and commercial techniques to create print ready productions.

Team Credits

Dan Brown

  • Message
  • Illustrator

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  • comic
  • Graphic Novel
  • Book Cover Design
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  • storyboarding
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  • sci-fi