• Caz Watts

T H E . P O S I T I V E . P O S T . P R O J E C T EVERYONE NEEDS A HUG, EVEN FROM AFAR It’s an uncertain time for everyone, but one thing this is for sure, we are all going to get through this together and be reunited so soon! UNTIL THEN, I want to help send as much love around the planet as possible, to those you are missing and who need a little pick me up during this shift we are all experiencing in day to day life… Like so many others in the world right no (you aren’t ever alone) maybe you are self isolating, working from home, unable to leave the house or wherever you are, but you want to reach out to someone to let them know you are thinking of them, sort of like a hug from afar - that’s where The Positive Post Project steps in! A vulnerable relative who is unable to leave their home, care home, hospital bed. Someone poorly at home, someone working long nights, a doctor or nurse in the nhs, a long distance loved one, a friend, family member, or someone who just needs a little reminder that you are there for them! Think of me as your one stop stationary store, scribe and post office. For the price of your usual morning coffee, you’d buy on your way to work - for £2.50 send someone a little piece of calm right to their front door. All YOU have to do is - email me the name of the recipient, their address, a personalised message If you have one and I will send them a Positive Post just like above! First class straight to their door and you don’t even have to move a muscle, (well maybe just your thumbs) Keep the vibes high and positive post going round, as a small business I would love and appreciate you sharing this message with friends, loved ones and onto your socials to anyone who might like to send one on. Stay safe, keep washing your paws and thank you in advance!