The Post Art Club Series 1: The Valentine Pack

  • Ellie Bassford
  • Isobel Battersby
  • Aimee Parker
  • Hollie Webb
  • Daisy Stimpson

This was such a fun project to embark upon (albeit a lil’ time restricted). Me & a band of merry creatives have made a #ValentinesDay postcard set, featuring 7 designs. Campaign management & content creation handled by myself. Designs (top down): Daisy Stimpson Molly Massey Bex Williams Isobel Battersby Ellie Bassford Ellis Gadsby Jive Prints (Hollie Webb & Aimee Parker) Preorder system, 25% of the profits go to, printed on recycled paper from Print.Works

Preorders are open now, order from our website or find us at @thepostartclub on Instagram.