The Quarter Club Bristol Salon #1 [Courage] 16.10.17

We are delighted to be bringing our sell-out Salons to Bristol for the first time, launching with the theme of COURAGE! Alongside our cracking speaker line up, free flowing drinks (all tickets include a welcome drink and nibbles) and our long time loves: Aesop, Rude Health and Vita Coco stocking the goodie bags, it's set to be an absolute corker.
Every Quarter, we host a big beautiful Salon on a particular theme, where we invite women doing remarkable things to come and speak for five minutes on a theme to kick start a dialogue in the room. After that, we open up to free flowing food, drinks and a Speak Easy - where anyone can get up to speak.
Speaking publicly, owning your successes and failures, collaborating and generally putting out creative ideas into the world, are all courageous acts. What better theme to start our Salon series in Bristol.
We've invited a handful of South-West based women doing remarkable things to come speak for five minutes on our theme, COURAGE, to kick start the conversation in the room (no stuffy Q&A’s here thank you very much). And we’re SUPER excited by the women we’ve got fronting our line-up:
EMMA STENNING > Chief Executive, Bristol Old Vic// tw @Schtanhaus
CHINOYEREM ODIMBA > Playwright // tw @chino100percent
TARA JUDAH > Writer, programmer, broadcaster // tw @midnightmovies
LIZ CHEGE > Programmer, founding member Come The Revolution // tw @elchronicle
DAME LIZ FORGAN > Former Journalist, director of Programmes at Channel 4, Managing Director of BBC Network Radio. Current Chair of National Youth Orchestra & The Guardian Foundation. Deputy Chair of The British Museum. Trustee of The Art Fund & the Landmark Trust.
If you would like to sign up to our SPEAK EASY, where anyone can decide to get up and speak about the theme, or something they feel passionately about, get in touch!! You can either sign up on the night, or book yourself in ( to guarantee a slot to get your voice out to the network.
TO BUY YOUR TICKETS HEAD HERE (and for a limited time add on the cheeky discount QCBRISTOLCOURAGE for £10 tickets... )
x The Quarter Club x
PS The Quarter Club is open to ALL people who identify as female. If you want to be a member, all you have to do is sign up to our newsletter (via our website, THE QUARTER CLUB DOT ORG - that way you get a discount on all our events. There's nothing to it! You can still buy tickets without being signed up to our newsletter, just without the discount.