The Quarter Club Salon # 7 [NOISE]

  • Joanna Duncombe
  • Saskia Roddick
Join us on Tuesday May 29th at The Vaults (right near Waterloo station) for our 7th Salon. We’re back (with lucky number 7) and mega excited to explore our new quarterly theme of NOISE.
As ever we'll be inviting a handful of remarkable women to share their stories, alongside flowing drink, nibbles, goodie bags (with our long time love Aesop providing gifts) and a room packed to the brim with creative, open, kind women. It's always a beautiful thing.
Most of us grew up with the familiar sight of the authoritarian finger, pressed against closed lips. Noisiness is bad; silence is preferable; keeping more-or-less quiet – that’s ideal.
For too long, the idea of keeping quiet – of not interrupting the dominant speakers (read: patriarchy) – has been used to justify the lack of female voices being heard. And wow does it go a long way back. We’re talking Greek mythology back.
This year NOISE is thick in the air, and for once, we don’t feel like we’re sat in the library breaking the rules. Whatever the trigger –  be it empowerment, or generally feeling like enough is enough – the wave of female voices is rolling, and it is beginning to drown out our former silencers.
We want to explore the myriad of ways in which female noise is shaping and impacting our lives: our work, our choices, our love, our friendships.
Silence can be great – it is solitude, peace, the space for reflection. But NOISE…noise is collective and proud; sometimes quiet, sometimes loud. We want to talk about it with you – on all the levels. Loudly, quietly. Politically, personally.
Our first wave of speakers have been announced and they're mega:
--> GAYLENE GOULD > Head of Cinemas & Events at BFI Southbank, Writer, Presenter & Creative Director //tw @gaylene_g
-->HANNAH WITTON Award-winning Youtuber and author  // tw @hannahwitton // insta @hannahwitton
-->COCO KHAN > Writer and Journalist // tw @cocobyname // insta @cocobyname
With the second wave coming soon...

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