The Reaction To Bishop Michael Curry’s Royal Wedding Address Shows How Divided Britain Is

Bishop Michael Curry was the standout star of the royal wedding, but his sermon style isn’t unusual or exotic, you can find it in hundreds of UK churches every single Sunday.

It’s been two days since the royal wedding and, as expected, everyone is still talking about it.
‘What did you think of the dress?’ ‘Didn’t Harry look handsome!’ and ‘Amal Clooney’s outfit was just stunning’ are still being whispered in offices and across dining tables.
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Another name that keeps coming up is The Most Reverend Bishop Michael Curry, who is the presiding bishop of the Episcopal church in the USA… although most people are calling him ‘the preacher’, because he’s black, because corny American films tell us to, because people need to differentiate him from the Archbishop of Canterbury who performed the marriage vows, without using the word ‘black’ or ‘African-American’.
During the address he spoke about the power of love, quoted Martin Luther King, and, as British novelist Diana Evans put it so succinctly ‘he did it black’.


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