The Ritz - Chritmas Campaign

  • Alexandru Manea
  • Cosmin Stanciu

Last December our friends at Frame Twenty Four asked if we could help them do the christmas ad for The Ritz London, the deadline was tight, they already had a great script storyboarded and ready for the plate shooting, and a really cute 3D model of the iconic Ritz Bear. Our task was to create a digital outfit for the little fellow and simulate it while he dances around and spreads the chritsmas spirit.

Both us and client were unsure which version would better fit the script so we did some tests, the long baggy version won both in terms of cuteness and how it fit the story and dance moves.
After we got the outfit locked in Marvelous Designer, we exported it to Houdini and prepared it for simulation. Also we imported the 3D model of the bear together with the motion capture data.
We first did a self collision pass of the bear with itself, making sure that areas like the armpits, elbows and knees are collision free and the cloth sim is not going to get caught and look innacurate.
After that we did a combination of deformation and vellum sims in order to simulate the cloth which was really rigid but still had to do folds and move naturally.
We are really happy with the result, and looking at the comments on The Ritz's social media we are proud to say people agreed with us.
We are glad we got to spread the christmas spirit in such a cute and dear to us way and we thank Frame Twenty Four for the trust they gave us with this project given the tight deadline and techincal challanges that we were faced with!