The Sonosynthesiser

  • Lydia Otway
  • Hattie Evans

The Sonosynthesiser harmonises far-off and forgotten soundscapes, allowing the user to search for, and listen in on snippets of sound from as far back as 1907. Using audio from the BBC SFX library, users can experience the sounds of our world and it's past, from a marriage in Mumbai to bird calls in The Blue Mountains, you never know what you will find. The Sonosynthesiser focuses on creating an immersive and tactile experience, through the use of a handheld "prop" rather than simply the app and sound effects. The prop acts as the device searching for and receiving the sounds, with it's design inspired by retro-futurism; The Sonosynthesiser was designed and built by myself and two fellow Falmouth students- Toby Shepherd and Hattie Evans. Exhibited at: Grays Wharf, Penryn and The Watershed, Bristol

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    BBC New Creatives