The Sustainable Fabrics Guide - 5 Eco-friendly Fashion Choices

  • Olivia Foan

How can I be more sustainable? It's a question in all of our minds, one we spend a lot of time bouncing around our office. We all know that to help the environment we need big changes. Every industry has a part to play. Every individual can make small but powerful changes too. So how do we start? It's all about choices. Choosing to go veggie for our next dinner party. Choosing a green energy provider. Choosing where to start the compost heap we keep talking about starting... Want an easy way to make a difference? Choosing the fabrics we put in our wardrobes. We've compiled this ultimate guide to green fabrics. This way you can make conscious choices and flex some eco-warrior muscles at the same time. Here are 5 sustainable fabric choices for your next wardrobe refresh.