The Takhion+Tsubasa Mass Charity Auction

The Founder of Takhion and the Founder of Tsubasa, are auctioning The Takhion+Tsubasa Mass to raise money for the war victims of Ukraine. Having both felt the cruel hand of war they wanted to help. The Takhion+Tsubasa Mass, unlike its steel original has been built using Tsubasa’s unique carbon fibre layering system. The mind of an Olympic gold medalist meeting that of modern material. The fastest is now faster!
We are very proud to share with you that our Happy Finish Retoucher Sophie Morrison has been involved in this charity project, working on the great images of The Takhion+Tsubasa Mass which were shot by Photographer Arthur Woodcroft.
The Takhion+Tsubasa Mass will be auctioning the frame on eBay for charity on 28th of June. The auction will end on 8th of July, to coincide with National Family Day in Ukraine.
To own the Takhion+Tsubasa Mass please donate. Whoever makes the highest donation will win the frame. If you don’t want to bid then donations are also welcome. The Takhion+Tsubasa Mass is working with The International Committee of The Red Cross to ensure that all money raised provides food and shelter for the orphans and victims of war.
“The Takhion+Tsubasa Mass takes its name from the belief that together we are strong, even in times of hardship.” – Founders of The Takhion+Tsubasa Mass

Charity Cause: The Takhion+Tsubasa Mass
Retoucher: Sophie Morrison
Photographer: Arthur Woodcroft