The Tate - Untold Stories

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Alongside Facebook’s Spark AR Platform team, The Mill Experiential & Interactive team is bringing iconic artworks in The Tate Britain to life this summer through Augmented Reality. ‘Untold Stories’ is a project that explores the hidden narrative of existing paintings and the artists behind them. Specifically, the untold stories that bear relevance to the contemporary audience, sociopolitical and cultural challenges that the artist and subject faced at the time. With great care to add context, rather than imply new meaning, the team created animations and interactive elements to the artworks that encourage the viewer to enquire deeper into their understanding of the artist’s intentions. These animations are viewed through the camera on your Instagram app, which tracks the paintings and initiates the experience. Client: The Tate Production: The Mill Executive Creative Director: Rama Allen Executive Producer: Desi Gonzalez Creative Director: Sally Reynolds DOP/Videographer: Rauri Cantelo Developers: Kim Kohler, Jack Kalish, Jeffrey Wang, Richard Lapham Designers: Conrad McLeod, Steve Kutny, Ben Weaver, Daniel Whitaker Senior Producer: Hayley Underwood Norton Production Coordinator: Oliver Schwartz

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