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The Transcendent Experience of Live Music

  • Anton Dee

The paradox of writing about music is that you’re trying to describe something transcendent using language which in itself is very limiting. The best you can do is describe the experience, describe the emotions using a palette of words that first come to you. And I stick by the word transcendent. There is something spiritual about music and the right song can literally change your reality. Whether it’s by enticing you to dance and express yourself, creating a memorable moment between friends or simply teaching you through powerful lyrics. A musician is just a vessel for the divine and the stage is their cathedral. To understand what it means to ‘live in the moment’ go to a crowded music show and get swept up in all the excitement. Forget about the troubles in your life for a few hours and just let yourself go. I aim to go to a concert every month and here are some of my recent favourites: