The Triumphant Jesus

  • Michael Bobb

Vocal Chamber Music Soprano, Tenor, Violin, Piano

The Triumphant Jesus

Verse 1
The triumphant Jesus stands tall and square
Banishing His enemies with a single stare
So raise your hands high in honest praise
And worship the wondrous Ancient of Days

Verse 2
His eyes like a furious flaming fire
Consuming what the heavenly Father desires
Decisively dividing sheep from goats
His songs of judgement have piercing notes

Verse 3
Jesus leads riding on a pure white horse
Steadfast sure and so strong throughout the course
Multiple jewelled crowns upon His head
His outer robe dipped in blood ruby red

Verse 4
Work out your salvation with trembling
Because you know not what tomorrow brings
In all your hearing please listen for
Father’s, “Well done good and faithful servant”

Verse 5
I am God’s treasured one from the start
He set eternity into my heart
The Holy Spirit whispers today
We will wed Christ Jesus on Yonder Day!