The Westpac / Guy Williams Web-Series

  • Francesca Delany
Director: Andy Robinson / DOP: Chris Watkins / Sound: Phil Donovan / Project Manager: Wictoria Markula / Creative Producer: Francesca Delany / Production Assistant: Arielle Sullivan.
Guy Williams, a New Zealand comedian, was both in the real world and in the online world trying to find a home of his own. Westpac went on a journey with him to help this dream become a reality by teaching him all he needed to know about going head first into the house-buying market.
This campaign was as challenging as it was exceptionally rewarding. Being the Creative Producer on this project, I was involved in every aspect. Whether it was overseeing the scripts, working through the budget, creating the shoot schedule, ensuring we had the right crew on shoot day, working alongside the editor and finalising everything else in post-production, turning over each episode every month made for some tiresome but exciting work!