The Wonderful People Podcast

  • Dan Maudhub

Wonderful things happen because of wonderful people. The last quarter of 2020, we launched a podcast with our Managing Director – Dan Maudhub and Non Exec Director Phil Jones. The Wonderful People Podcast takes a behind the scenes look at people’s lives and careers; where did they start? How did they achieve what they did? And what have some of the highs and lows been? Dan Maudhub and Phil Jones spend time with interesting people, who’ve done interesting things. People who have something to give and those who have made a difference along the way. The podcast is informal and insightful, definitely not your standard marketing podcast. We have interviewed high profile CEO’s and CMO’s, but also international sportspeople, poets, musicians and people from different walks of life. Visit: to read up on our guests and listen in to some truly Wonderful Stories.