The World's Best Tea & Alcohol Infused Cocktail (Noveltea)

  • Sug Sean Webster

It's safe to say I take my beverages very seriously, whether it's morning coffees, afternoon teas or evening whiskies. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into making my refreshments taste as they should. This week my partner and I have decided to explore Noveltea. Noveltea is the world's first alcohol-infused tea. Noveltea flavours range from the quintessentially British combination of Earl Grey and gin to an exotic pairing of Moroccan green mint tea and white rum. While coffee will always be my first love, after lunch, my low caffeine tolerance usually has me drinking tea for the rest of the day. Today I decided to spice things up a bit and made a tea mojito using Noveltea's green mint tea and white rum for an afternoon treat.