Theatre Portfolio 2021

  • Vera Reshto

Creative direction, immersive theatre, scenography, typographic projection, visual identity, museum installation, poster design

Theatre of Illusion, RA, UK Installation, motion graphics, model making Motion piece for an immersive installation ‘Theatre of Illusion’ at Royal Academy of Art Late Event Venetian Magic. The brief was to create an immersive installation as part of RA Lates dedicated to the ‘In The Age of Giorgione’ exhibition. The installation had to evoke Venetian Renaissance time. I created two motion pieces along with the Gothic facades of Venetian Palazzi: Palazzo Dario and Cantarini Fasan where the theatrical atmosphere of the Carnivale and Italian Commedia del’Arte unfold. Exhibited at Royal Art Academy Lates, as part of The Age of Giorgione exhibition, London, 14 May 2016
Travesties, Rough Magic, Ireland Print and digital collateral for theatre production The play by Tom Stoppard ‘Travesties’ is a surreal comedy which brings together various famous personalities of twentieth century including Lenin, James Joyce and Tristan Tzara. The poster, theatre brochure, and adverts were designed at my time with Detail.Design Studio, Dublin, Ireland.
Hallucinations about a Dead Hand, Ireland Creative direction, motion graphics, stage design, print collateral The aspect of Fakery as a response to ISTD brief 2011 which I investigated is that of theatrical scenographic illusion. The piece staged is the work of the Surrealist Luis Bunuel, ‘Hallucinations about a Dead Hand’ (1944). The Surrealist movement famously deals with ideas of illusion, hyperreality and dreams, and it has influenced film, writers, philosophers, musicians. This script is a short story based on visual illusion and hallucinations, with an element of horror. I created a typographic and visual interpretation of some parts of this text, which is intended to be used as a scenography for a Dance Theatre performance. This project has been awarded the ISTD Membership. Music: Vera Reshto (for opening titles), Aaltovaihe, Max Richter. Choreography: Kathleen Doherty, Mermaid Theatre.