Theresa May in Conversation with the Bill of Human Rights

  • Dean Pankhurst

In Paris on 10th December 1948 The United Nations General Assembly declared a list of fundamental human rights to be universally protected by member states around the world. Although not legally binding, the declaration laid the foundations for numerous treaties and laws, including the European Convention on Human Rights. On the 25th April 2016, in her first major speech of the EU referendum campaign, Home Secretary Theresa May states that the UK should quit the European Convention on Human Rights, suggesting that the bill "can bind the hands of Parliament". In London on the 13th July 2016 Theresa May delivers her first statement as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, twenty days after the British people vote to leave the European Union. [Below] is an algorithmically generated conversation between May’s inaugural speech and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, generated using an instance of Cobe Script*, which has been fed the content of the Declaration, responding to May’s speech by constructing sentences using the learned vocabulary of the source text.

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