These Apps Will Keep Your Kids Busy for Hours

It's always fun to teach kids about the animal kingdom; they are fascinated by it.

We can't deny the fact that kids get bored easily. By the time they settle into one interest, they've moved on to the next. Parents can narrate endless stories about how their kids pester them every few days for a new game or activity. It would be easy to simply allow them to watch television the whole day. But we know it isn’t that easy. Today, we've got to prepare our kids for tomorrow. The world is changing rapidly and there are new-age skills that 21st-century kids must master if they have to cope with the other kids. They've got to build their self-confidence and social skills to enjoy healthy mental wellbeing. If they don't get the new-age learning as the other kids, it will hamper their self-esteem and make them feel lesser than the rest. This is why parents must focus on the holistic growth of their kids. And that is possible with a mix of all kinds of learning activities - educational videos, hobby classes, playdates, workshops, field trips, cool math games for kids, etc. Today, it's not only about academic excellence and homework. There's a lot more to learning than that. At SKIDOS, we want parents to have one platform that they can turn to for their kids' educational needs. Our games are fun and engaging, focusing on the all-round development of kids - social, emotional, and academic. Here's a look at some of our best Doctor games for kids.
1) Super Store
This game is a virtual mall that kids can explore; there are all kinds of games and activities that they can engage in. While you can't take them to the mall every now and then, they can definitely visit the SKIDOS mall whenever they'd like! The animation is amazing and the player can explore various experiences in the mall like visiting the music store and learning about the musical instruments, fixing a car at the auto shop, getting a makeover, checking out the food court, trying on the latest fashion, doing a photoshoot, and much more. The game also has a number of mini math games that the child can practice. It's one of our best learning games for 6 year olds that will keep them busy and entertained for quite a while.
2) Animal Game
It's always fun to teach kids about the animal kingdom; they are fascinated by it. And instead of simply reading them stories from a picture book, it's even more fun if they can play an engaging animal game. They always wonder where and how animals live, and this game explores that. Your child will learn about their habitat, foods, and sleeping habits. Along with animals, they will also learn about plants, trees, fruits, and vegetables, seasons, constellations, and the concepts of time. We've tried to incorporate multiple levels of learning in this game. And, of course, after every level, there are math and coding puzzles that the player needs to solve.
3) Bakery
If you've got little bakers at home, they're going to love this game. They might be too young to actually bake in the kitchen, but they can start these learning games for 5 year olds. And the next time you're baking their favorite cakes and pastries, maybe they can help out a little bit. The game will improve their vocabulary by teaching them baking terms like flour, eggs, milk, etc. and it will also give them a fair understanding of the recipes and baking process. The animation and sounds are adorable, making them want to keep playing this game. It's engaging and fun and also has a number of math concepts they can learn and practice.
4) Bike Racing
Racing games are something that kids enjoy endlessly; they don’t realize when the time goes by. But regular racing games, especially video games, don’t have any educational element in them. We have created a racing game that kids can play as long as they'd like, and this game is infused with learning too. This means that after every level, before moving on to the next, the player learns and practices a math or coding concept. The game has hundreds of levels so you don’t have to worry about the kids getting bored. Also, it's very exciting because of the landscapes, customization, and multi-player mode.
These are just a few of the many learning games for kids that we have at SKIDOS. You will find games for kids of all ages so you don’t have to worry about finding a new platform as they get older. Also, these learning games for toddlers are compatible with almost all devices. To make it easy and user-friendly, we've got multi-language support too. Don't think twice, download the SKIDOS games for your kids today!