Third Culture Kids

  • Saudah Mukadam

Third Culture Kids are people who are raised in a culture that is different to that of one or both of their parents. In this project I was exploring what it was like to be a TCK both from my own perspective as a TCK and from the results of academic research into this demographic.

This is a large etching with watercolour wash (approx. 30x30) was the first outcome of this project. The map is of an imaginary land depicting the experiences and emotions of Third Culture Kids inspired by artists like Gemma Correll and Grayson Perry.
The second outcome for this project was a looping GIF showing figures switching 'masks'. This is based in some research I conducted that showed how Third Culture Kids often have multiple personalities or 'masks' that they use to adapt to their surroundings. With this I wanted to convey the endless changing within their lives.
The last part of this project was producing a set of 4 linocut print 'masks' developing the idea that Third Culture Kids often have different personalities or 'masks' in order to fit into their different cultural environments. I chose a mask or art style that was indicative of a broad area's culture.
Above, Left: Northern Celtic Cultures (Irish, Nordic etc.) inspired by Celtic illumination
Above, Right: Baltic Pomak bride with 'Gelina' face paint
Below, Left:West African cultures inspired by various styles of African masks including the Benin Mask
Below, Right: Greek Comdey Mask