Three Mobile - The Connected Restaurant 2018

For Three’s Christmas campaign, we opened one restaurant between two cities, designed to connect Irish immigrants in Sydney with their family in Ireland. This meant taking over two real restaurants in Sydney and Dublin, over three days, transforming them both to be identical and opening the experience up to any Irish immigrants who wanted to connect with home. This pop-up dining experience struck a chord – we were flooded with applications for tables and the Connected Restaurant was booked instantly. We created identical oak tables which disappeared into a screen. When the tables were live it appeared as though everyone was sitting at the same dining table. The food was identical and we even found look a like waiters and maitre D’s so the experience was as seamless as possible. At key moments diners were able to interact and make it snow in the opposite locations. We arranged gift exchanges and personal messaging as well as good old fashioned parlour games. The result was an emotional feel good christmas time experience and tear jerking film.


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