"Thresholds: 75 Stories of How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Life" {Best Selling Author}

  • Jo Hodson

I could start this by saying, "woooh I am so excited to be a number one best selling author". But you now what, until I held the book and looked at the beautiful cover again this morning, I had totally forgotten that was even the case. That wasn't important to me. What is important to me? Sharing my story... embracing vulnerability.... exploring life's lessons... and holding out my hand to support YOU in stepping into your very best self. At the end of 2015 I was invited to feature in a book. I was initially curious... but when the co-creators described their vision for the book, I was in without a question. I knew immediately the story needed to share. I also had a feeling that the writing of my story would create within me a sense of empowerment and closure for a time in my life that had been profoundly challenging and life changing, yet I was still holding onto, unwilling to fully let go of. Sharing my story allowed me to step fully into myself for the very first time. More about Thresholds >> https://www.includingcake.com/thresholds