TIH Video Shoot

  • Tatjana Hoffmann
  • Paolo Tornabene
  • Kenya Smith
  • Shaks Le Parc
  • Maarya Kazmi
  • Elizabeth Rose Arifien

With the idea of a promotional and creative video for TIH Models Input a team of creatives together. Within the time frame of a week I was able to arrange a shoot location and creative team. My responsibilities: Directing the team, organising shoot location and timings, call sheet, storyboard, model brief, picking up costumes and on location brief for the artists. Working within a booking of two hours the team worked under pressure. I picked up choreography during overtime and wrapped the shoot up, as well as clearing the studio space and sorting styling afterwards. Credits: Models: Kristofer McAllister, Alexander Morton, Derryn Hill Cinematographer Paolo Tornabene Compromise Shaks Le Parc Costume Designer and Stylist Giulia Gallon Movement Direction Elizabeth Arifien Make-up Artist Kenya Smith Styling Assistant Maarya Kazmi Many Thanks to everybody!