Timberland — Document

We pitched a totally new type of content and brand communication to the footwear giant. Working with writer & journalist David Hellqvist we set to produce an editorial Document – a sort of love letter to… We had our eyes set on a particular audience and rather than the general public targeted industry insiders, fashion and media influencers, editors, stylists, photographers and artists. An independent editorial by the team at Document focusing entirely on Timberland, with the simple objective to raise awareness, educate, re-educate, inspire and create desire for the brand… Document was the vehicle and our publishing offer and Hilt together with Hellqvist went on a journey, pulling out all the things that needed talking about – the things we needed reminding of. We looked at the brand’s illustrious history and current direction through interviews, essays, fashion shoots and archive images. We spoke to a handful of experts and icons from the worlds of footwear, fashion and street wear and cemented it all in a beautifully designed and meticulously edited book. We reminded them how far they’ve come and how they’ve contributed to, not just the fashion world, but a generation. It got the brand, our audience and Hilt super excited for the future.