To Infinity and the Printers!

  • Ian Tembo
  • Chola Chisengalumbwe

On football fields there's sometimes that one kid on the park that can eat a tackle, and just pick himself up all game long. We didn't go in two-footed last week when we said to Ian, "We think the logo's gonna need less stars," but he was a total trooper. We definitely made star-sprinkling more scholastic than it should be, but Ian -- give or take ten minutes -- made it happen. Kind of ironic, really, that we asked the man for less stars; just as The Grab, a pseudo-literary journal, gears up to discover and publish more. We hope you dig the logo (we dreamt it up with Ian, one lunch-break, some summer) and we hope you're bringing us all kinds of kooky journalistic vibes. Come Grab Some!

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