To The Moon - Manchester International Festival 2019 by Laurie Anderson and Hsin Chien Huang.

  • Steph Clarke
  • vittorio miari
  • Jamie-leigh Hargreaves

As Producer for To the Moon I worked together with the artists to realise their virtual reality exhibition and R&D a new accompanying audio-visual installation utilising 360 degree and large-scale projection mapping and an parametric speaker audio installation. I was responsible for production elements including scheduling, ticketing, staffing and audience experience as well as production management for all projection/AV elements including managing technical staffing, liaising with technical AV suppliers. Fifty years after man first landed on the Moon, Laurie Anderson flew us all there with this new work, developed with fellow artist Hsin-Chien Huang for the Manchester International Festival 2019. Presented in the intimate Studio at the Royal Exchange Theatre, To the Moon had two parts: an ambitious, dreamlike VR experience that takes us on our own lunar exploration, and an accompanying installation featuring film, images and soundscape.