Together No Matter What - PR and Advertising Degree Show UoW2021

  • Darja König

The PR and Advertising class of 2021 is launching a Degree show website to display impactful campaigns under the overarching theme of “Together- no matter what.” The emphasis is the importance of collective effort while also giving the students a platform to spread their kaleidoscopic views. The website is for anyone interested in PR and Advertising: students wanting to learn more about campaigning or professionals in the field looking for new talent. It is also a fantastic opportunity to find new connections and interact with the students from the show. Visitors can view the diverse number of projects in the form of concept boards and get to know the team and the core values that served as the building blocks of the show. Direct interaction through likes and comment sections make collaboration happen.

Main Organiser for the PR and Advertising Degree Show 2021
Tasks included:
- Project Management of 37 collaborators
- Leadership
- Social Media Content Creation
- Organising and directing meetings, Creating Summarys, PR work
- Presentations


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