Tolerance Poster Show

  • Richy Lamb

Mirko Ilić was inspired to launch the Tolerance Project following the “House of Tolerance” film festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2017. He asked 28 artists to create a poster about tolerance, the only requirement being that they write “tolerance” in their native language. After a successful 10-day show in Ljubljana, Mirko decided to tour the posters globally. Now, whenever the Tolerance Project appears in a new city, a local designer contributes to the show’s ever-expanding catalogue of artworks. I was asked to design the poster for the Scottish exhibition that ran at the Institut Français Écosse in Edinburgh. Appearing beside posters by the likes of Milton Glaser, Ralph Steadman, Harry Pearce, Marian Bantjes, Annette Lenz, Vincent Perrotet, Radovan Jenko, Paula Scher and Reza Abedini the show ran between 16 September and 16 October 2021.