Tomorrow's Nipple

Conor Rigby & Andrew Mallinson, commissioned by The Photographers' Gallery on behalf of the Feminist Internet Studio.

Tomorrow’s Nipple is a visual exploration of the complex territory of body politics.  Harnessing images and text, the project highlights the blurred boundaries between empowerment and exploitation and proposes future strategies of feminist representation.
The film was created for exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery media wall space, and  coincided with their Spring Geekender, ‘Building a Feminist Internet’ (March 16-18).
Emma Clayton Eva Sealove @look_at_this_pussy Jelly Luise Malou Bumbum Seyi Akiwowo (Glitch!UK) Victoria Young
Feminist Internet Reading Group:
Caro Zieringer Clara May Finnigan Joëlla Vera Bril Louis Gabriel

Installation Images by © Tim Bowditch


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