Too Good to Go Treasure Hunt.

  • Neve Casey

Dragon Rouge - Firestarters - from the palm of your hand to the rest of the world. The app, ‘Too Good to go’ is a sustainable way of eating at your favourite restaurants and takeaways while reducing food waste. The app allows you to pick up leftovers at the end of the day at your favourite places for a reduced rate. Resulting in less food waste and a more sustainable cycle, however, you don’t get to choose what you pick up, creating an element of surprise. This enables you to try out new places and new options, without environmental damage. When researching I discovered that 30% of people asked were unaware of the app, 33% had heard of it but hadn’t downloaded it, and 30% had the app but hadn’t used it. Showing only 6.67% have the app and have used it. This indicates that many people are unaware of the purpose of the app and what it has to offer. Therefore, a physical event/activity may help improve the apps success rate, and the negative impact of food waste. In order to resolve this issue I have created a ‘Too good to go’ treasure hunt. This represents the concept of ‘finding’ new things due to using the app. This would encourage people to look into the app and understand its concept. My idea is made up of ‘invitations’ that link to create a map. Wayfinding, to create the idea of a ‘trail’. Recyclable takeaway boxes, to keep the ‘sustainable’ message throughout, and tote bags as a way of encouraging sustainable alternatives. As well as posters and stickers to use as advertisement.