Top food trends for 2018

2017 was a year of gluten free foods, cloud eggs and jiggly Japanese cheesecakes. And you couldn't log into your Instagram feed without liking a unicorn cupcake or a dark and moody charcoal smoothie. So what's 2018 got in store – are more of us going meat-free or are we all about a food mash-up? We asked our oracles – the Deliveroo teams around the world – what they think we'll be eating this year.

Instagram-friendly foods

Singapore predicts we'll still be into our photogenic food this year, with bright shades and unique shapes filling our Instagram feeds again. One technicolour trend we're seeing more of in the UK as well is the use of natural dyes to add a dash of colour to our dishes. Purple yams and sweet potatoes in particular are sure to bring in the likes for 2018.

Poke bowls

Aloha, Hawaiian poke bowls. Both the teams in France and Dubai see these snappable bowls of sunshine on the rise this year. They've gradually been making waves in the UK in 2017 and now these fresh dishes of predominantly raw fish, crunchy veggies and umami sauces served on a bed of rice will be your new go-to lunch.

Vegan dishes and meat alternatives

More and more of us are going meatless. Whether we're committed vegans, vegetarians or flexitarians and only eat meat on occasion, we've got more plant-based meal options than ever. The Netherlands' team thinks faux meat and meat alternatives – like jackfruit to replace pulled pork or seitan as a swap for chicken – will get even bigger in 2018, and they're not the only Deliveroo market that sees meat-free meals going mainstream.
The UK and Ireland also predict vegan food to be huge this year. But because vegans and non-meat eaters deserve more than just rabbit food, there's been a massive rise in fake steaks and plant-based patties. Innovators like the Impossible Burger from across the pond have been using a meat-free ingredient called heme to give faux beef that juicy texture that carnivores crave. So if you're looking to scale down your meat intake and don't want to get stuck with salads, keep a lookout for these tasty alternatives this year.

Regional superfoods

Every year we seem to rediscover an ingredient as a superfood. And for 2018, our teammates in Germany think we'll be unlocking the potential of home-grown superfoods like huckleberries, rose hips, cabbages and radishes to give us an extra boost.

Acai bowls

Here's another breakfast that'll make those early mornings easier. Australia predicts that acai bowls will be big this year. This is a light and bright bowl of blitzed frozen acai berries that are often mixed with other fruits and syrups then topped with tasty fresh fruit or crunchy granola.

Protein ice cream

First there was froyo then protein ice cream came along. Because gym bunnies need dessert too, this lower calorie, lower sugar, lower fat ice cream is packed full of protein to make the perfect post-workout pudding. We're booking our flights now if this is going to be big in Australia this year.

Hybrid food

Italy, and also the teams in Australia and Germany, see hybrid food on the horizon. We're talking fusions like sushi burgers, sushi burritos, ramen burgers and croissant-donut compounds, like Dominique Ansel's Cronut®, that are due to take the food scene by storm this year.


Italy's food scene is also enjoying an Asian influence at the moment, which is only going to grow this year. Delicate little dim sum are set to be huge, as is okonomiyaki – a Japanese savoury pancake with a name that roughly translates as "what you like, grilled". It's made with seasoned batter, from a recipe that varies regionally, and shredded cabbage, which is then topped with pork, squid or octopus.