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  • Comfort Adeneye

Top Wavers is a light hearted conversation between three teen friends on how they’ve achieved the perfect hair waves.The short depicts the reality of how black British boys, who have grown up in urban communities, interact with each other. When the boys are all together they contemplate on going to a party or not. This sparks a short conversation on the pressures young people face in terms of appearance as well as falling into the trap of constantly watching other people on social media. Role - Director Comfort Adeneye/Director - @_comfortt Kristina Wade/Producer - @kissyaaw Mercy Ufot/Producer - @mercysu_ Lola Mosanya/Casting - @_lowlah_ Deepa Keshvala/DOP - @deepa_keshvala Jomar O’Meally/AC - @_justonejomr Helio Ribeiro/Gaffer - @helio.ribeiro Clement Harper/Sound - @cremedela_ Yasmin Godo/AD - @yazzypresents Shenell Kennedy/BTS Photographer - @shenellkennedy Alex Baro Cayetano/Editor - @itsalexbaro Anand Singh & Alex Baro Cayetano/Colourists - @anandfilmphoto & @itsalexbaro Cast: Jeffrey Oredein - @j10.db Osy Idumwonyi - @Osy24s DeAndre Bondzie - @deandrebondzie


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