Tora - Vein

  • Aliyah Otchere

Music video directed by Aliyah Otchere

The concept for the music video plays on the idea of being rooted. Whether that's rooted in the moment to the point that sometimes it ties us down, to building our roots in the places we feel safest and what better to represent our roots than our hair. Like so a spiders web which becomes it's home and it's own creation, a careful pattern and weave but also a trap. In this case she's trapped in her own web. I also wanted to play on what veins feel like and how they're also like our internal webs, where our blood flows through. Hinting at how we mask ourselves when we're in unfamiliar territories hence the darkness that surrounds her. She holds onto the mask because that mask she wears is all she has and all that is that shields her from the outside but also from herself.
Director - Aliyah Otchere DOP - Toby Leary Executive Producer - Mouktar Mohammed Producer - Nilante Ebun-Cole Editor - Kaz Ové Colourist - Caroline Morin at Wash 1st AC (Focus Puller)- Jack Cullis Gaffer - David Witchell Spark - Sonny Mihajlovic Art Director & Hair Design - Jade Adeyemi Set Design Assistant & Hair Design Assistant - Cleo Webster Set Design Assistant - Atilola Olajide Hair Design Assistant - Tyreis Holder Hair Design Assistant - Riam Sanusi Hair Design Assistant - Rada McNally MUA - Yolanda Dohr BTS - Sarah Fassold Runner - Namiko Morris Runner - Garcia Sterling Studio - Mavro Worldwide Studios Kit Hire - Procam Production Company - Elixir Pictures