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We're super excited to announce that two of our incredible Crumb Humans, Tori West + @inter_sexy, have been nominated to be part of the Dazed 100 2020. The world’s changed and the Dazed 100 is changing too. For 2020 it’s not just about the names, but their ideas – here, Dazed and Converse present 100 manifestos to create, inspire, connect, and power change. You can vote for the ideas you want to see made reality with a grant from the £50k Dazed 100 Ideas Fund. Read more about Dani (@inter_sexy) and Tori's creative visions below, and don't forget to VOTE! DANI COYLE AKA @INTER_SEXY Dani Coyle, otherwise known as @inter_sexy, is an activist and writer from Swindon, UK, now living in Berlin. One of Coyle’s most recent projects is the ongoing portrait series Inter___face, which aims to both humanise intersex people and highlight their diversity. “I grew up believing that being intersex was a curse,” Coyle remembers. “I spent so much time being unimaginably angry and sad, until one day, after years of feeling nothing but shit about myself, I realised I had two options: to continue to hate myself and my body, lying endlessly to those I loved and grow old and bitter with no-one truly knowing who I am, or have a whack at learning not to hate myself, live my truth and instead be part of building a more inclusive and empathetic world that celebrates difference.” Deciding to go with the latter, Coyle came out as intersex, and threw her life into campaigning for intersex issues; she helped activist organisation Voices4 – founded by Dazed 100 alumnus Adam Eli – in holding the first Intersex Awareness Day action in Berlin last year. She’s also starting to work with brands to improve intersex visibility, becoming a #CKeveryone ambassador for Calvin Klein, and working with Dazed 100 2020 nominees Digi-Gxl to put on exhibitions showcasing femxle, intersex, trans and non-binary artwork and voices. “All of the work I do stems from that shame I harboured in the past, and so I guess it’s just my way of processing and healing,” she says. TORI WEST Publisher, writer, and part-time cleaner, you’ll know Tori West as much as editor of BRICKS – a magazine that views fashion through the lens of precarious political and social systems – as you will for smashing the stigmas around working-class creatives and the jobs they do to support their art. Two seasons ago, West called out the British Fashion Council and London Fashion Week for their lack of focus on sustainability amid the climate crisis, and in this season just past, West came back to open up the BFC’s DiscoveryLAB with a panel on how the fashion industry could change that for the better. “I never went into the publishing or fashion industry because I admired it, I wanted to change it. I want my work to make others question, rethink, and alter their practices and productions methods to do better,” West asserts, At the heart of her work lives the mission to champion and platform the art, voices, and experiences of marginalised people, usually ignored in mainstream media – BRICKS can splash drag artist Sasha Velour and sex-positive musician Brooke Candy on its cover, and capture the Welsh PoC creative communities and youth activists at the forefront of the climate movement. With the magazine in its sixth year and with the forthcoming ‘Visibility’ Issue, West is a voice for social, ethical, and sustainable change: “Even though it shouldn’t be their responsibility to clean up the older generation’s mess, I truly believe queer youth will save and change the world.” Love, Crumb x

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