Tour Spain - Spain is Alive in You

One of Aproductions’ major current projects stems from a smaller project, TurEspaña “Spain is alive in you”, shot in September and October of 2016. The final works were received in January of 2017 and are still in the process of being published, but one video can be watched on their YouTube channel with the title of “Spain is alive in You Gastronomy” ( This project was given to the company by the Ogilvy & Mather Agency, working under the Spanish Administry of Tourism.
In order to complete the task, Aproductions split up into two different teams, one heading through the north of Spain and the other through the south. Each team consisted of a Director (Greg A. Sebastian & Alejandro M. Selma), Camera Operator, Production Coordinator, Production Assistant and a Creative. The Camera Operator Gimbal stabilizer and the scenes were captured subjectively in order to give the audience the sense that they are “participating in our adventure”, as northern Production Coordinator Daniel describes it. It was important to Aproductions to shoot their videos in the highest quality possible in order to be able to satisfy both the needs of the Ministry as well as the Agency.
Overall the teams produced a total of 14 different videos touring throughout Spain on themes ranging from Studying Abroad to Sports. Each video uses multiple shots of different locations to create the desired artistic effect. For example, their “Art” video included a remarkable 18 different museums, cathedrals, towers and famous historic sites like the Sagrada Familia and Toledo’s Jewish Quarter, and their “Nature” video used and astounding 20 different locations, including many national parks, caves, beaches, lakes and the Maspalomas Dunes. Obtaining first-rate shots of the many locations required the teams’ undivided attention, effort and expertise, especially due to the difficulties they had to face throughout the process.
In a production such as this one, many obstacles are overcome every day, but the most challenging frustration, without a doubt, was the weather. The less-than-favorable meteorological matters were only heightened in the north due to it being shot in full-blown October. The teams needed to visit various locations each day and, because of the mobility entailed to achieve this, they were not always able to arrive in time to capture the spaces during the hour of best lighting. Although the team was lucky for the majority of their travels, there were numerous occasions in which the rain and clouds prevented easy shooting. However, with creativity and perseverance they were always able to find a solution in order to capture the most of every location.
Look forward to seeing how their hard work paid off when the rest of the videos are released!


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